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Only one bad hole to ruin a great return.

Hit the ball high or low
There are two things that cause a stroke high: place the ball forward in stance or do the backswing and follow-through very long.
In contrast, low blows will cause the opposite. If you need to make a hit so the ball is raised slightly, put it late in the stance or shorten the follow-through.

TIMBER long, straight
If we play straight timber with lack of distance but the solution is to play draw.
This points to normal with the stick but with the body pointing slightly more than 10 meters to the right of the ball. The grip must be strong (which we see three knuckles of your left).
This will get the flight of the ball with a left to right and with little spin which will also add a shot without having to blow our changes we swing.
But it is important that we keep letting our wood in the street so that the first thing you should do in this case is to go to the driving range.

To get completely finish your swing, the right of your body should rotate so that you are done with most of your weight on your left side with your right foot upright and supported at its tip.
Ideally, your knees should be touching, completely turned your hips and your right shoulder should be facing the target.
Now that we know what the position to which we want to go and see an exercise that can help us achieve it.
When we swing our practices, we accelerate the movement all we can, so fast that we almost hit the pole in the back to finish the swig and give back until the hands are about the height of the hip, and maintain that a position instantly. That should be a good posture.
This action of "turn" helps you see how to speed up and pass the stick on the way to the finish.

Taken out of the bunker is the only knock on the right hand takes the initiative on the left.
Since our standard is the time to begin to adjust our output hit bunker to the flag.
To do this we must not forget the basic principles drawn from the bunker and we must start to apply "touch" our shot.
The key is to not hold the stick hard left hand. So we can use the right hand more. So move the stick faster and get your face open.
We get the ball lands softly and roll less.

The key to achieving the correct distance is in the finish.
We should not try to control the distance through force. We must make it the finish that controls the distance.
For shorter strokes have to finish a short and long strokes to have to make a complete finish.

The blow from a bunker on the street is a more difficult and less strokes golf. The margin of error is virtually nonexistent. If the stick a little high, the ball is hit into the upper bunker.
If the full hit very, down, the ball is not going anywhere.
You probably know the basic principles of stroke from the bunker Street: Take a stick and a half or two clubs more than you normally need for the distance we want to achieve. We played the ball late in the stance (as in half from the center of your stance and walk back) and put 70% of the weight forward. Keep your head completely still and do three quarters of swing. During the swing let the weight always on (without the change in weight) to help us make a clean contact.

Once you reach a certain level, how to improve the card is controlling the short game.
Beatings are the key part.
It is only needed half swing, in which the hands are below the waist and three fourths of a swing where the hands are just above the waist.
Doing less than this is really a chip and make it perform like a full swing.

One key to gaining confidence with the long irons is the speed of the head of the stick.
The long irons are not suitable for everyone. Players with low-speed print head will stick very hard to use. If this is your case, no doubt about it, wood street (7, 9.11) will give you better service.

Surely once the ball on a shot to green, has rested on the edge of the green and above the street or semi-rough, in this step are the various cuts of grass.
In this case, use the make a putt or chip any iron is quite uncomfortable and imprecise, since the scale of the grass stops us naturally move the stick and hit the ball comfortably.
Therefore, in these cases, you can use a different stick, such as 3 or 5 wood. Although a priori we are not accustomed to use for this purpose, you've seen that many professionals do, including Tiger Woods himself.
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to the coup and the benefits as soon as a practice day. The technique is simple.
1 - We took the usual stance to play a chip.
This means:
1.1 .- We take the stick from the lower end of the grip.
1.2 .- Ball in the center-right stance.
Weight 1.3 .- situated in the left leg.
1.4 .- Hand and chest ahead of the ball.
2 - We made a smooth back swing (backswing) without "muñequeos.
3 - Let the timber passes through the ball and making them shoot from the first
Of course the ball, naturally, will come off faster and run more than usual, using a chip. We should practice this blow before using it in the field, to take measure of the distance that we will send the ball.

Warming ending with the driver.
Perhaps, before a round, you begin stretching with warming.
Then, it is best to go to the putting green.
And finally we went to the field of practice. We start with the short irons and let rise until reaching the wooden driver. Your last blow of practice should be with the driver (as it will beat you from the first tee of the competition), and be prepared accurately, including mental, what you want to get hit in your output.

It may seem a bit strange, but if you think about what they do is sometimes the professional players.
Why?. Because these blows to the practice that you have been hurt in the round you just play you see the opportunity to erase from your head hits the bad.

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