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Above all remember that golf is a game.
Relax, enjoy the environment and the development of the game and entretente.

Play a round with a 5 iron, a 7 iron, a wedge and a putter.
Learn the importance of not going to go to the other side of the field.

One of the greatest power lies in the stability and solidity of the bottom of our body. If we develop the swing on a firm and consistent, we are creating a platform of power that will become the true support for hitting big drives.
The stronger the base, being more focused and keep, generate greater bat speed and greater control, since it limits the swing and the unnecessary movement of the body. When you swing your legs to feel anchored to the ground, the stick is working, and that is the impression he has to give.
When passing through the point of impact must fight the inertia of going forward with the top of your body. To that end, keep your head behind the ball on impact, leaving your right shoulder passes under the chin, while his arms still up to the goal that feels like you pulled the stick and lifted gently and finishing high in equilibrium.
As will be more focused, the more control of their blows, and the head of the club will move faster towards the point of impact with less effort. This will earn you some good hits on all meters.

Remove the base of the glass so we can put the rod of the driver.
We paused the downswing, so that the glass down to our hands.
If we make the correct swing, the glass must be received by the head of the club at the time it hits the ball. Thus, the head reaches the maximum speed at the time of contact with the ball, exploiting all the power generated in the swing.
If you do not release the stick entirely, the cup will still be down after impact.
Conversely, if we let the wrists too early, the glass is resting on the head of the club prior to impact.

It is a very common error to start the downswing by pulling the stick with his right hand.
If instead of doing so, we do it with my left hand, we will cause the shoulders to move forward and wrists square face of the club and increase its speed.
The key is to pull the stick down with the pinkie and ring finger left hand. This helps ensure that the right hand, toss the stick from the top.
With this move will increase the momentum towards the target.

Your swing will be much better if you only get between 85 and 90 percent of your strength.
If you need to hit a pole so as to reach a little further will not add to the coup that 10 or 15 percent of strength you have left. Instead it turns your body a little more. That extra spin will give you a little more distance with a beat easier.

A common error that means the handicaps that prevent them from jumping to the next level is that they can get a good position at the top of his backswing, but the first movement is despinning your shoulders and upper body.
This premature despinning takes strength to swing the stick and makes off down the line to within the target.
To give more power to swing and get off at the correct level should start the downswing the hands down towards the ground about twenty centimeters, while the men begin despinning.
It is a movement we must practice a lot. It is somewhat difficult to master but once you do, do not just swing at the right, also begin to release the power of the swing where it matters: on the impact!.

We started with sticks, making a swing with your arms. We strive to make sure that when the arms pass through a horizontal thumbs are pointing upwards. Then we continue to swing back to check that your thumbs point up again when arms are horizontal in the backswing.
Now repeat the exercise with a focus on the thumb stick.
The result should be a ball straight or even draw.

KEEP THE BALL encounter
An exercise that will help us to lose the trend of hitting the ball on top is as follows:
with a short iron, we place ourselves in any way that we are not yet slightly downhill. We put the ball a little behind in their placement and will work the swing so the club go down the slope and repeatedly until you get to a solid contact with the ball.
The downhill helps us do that by going to swing the ball and continuing the movement in the line behind her.
We must also feel we can pass on the impact and that the right elbow is ahead of the right hip when striking the ball.

A very important factor to hit the ball solidly and consistently with the irons is to get to the bottom of your swing before the ball (ie the lowest point of the arc of the swing is on the side of the ball points towards the target).
This helps the ball before contact with the ground (which is a good idea). This will cause you to take chops in front of you.
Once you do this your strokes with the irons will be much stronger and much more control.

Improve your consistency and accuracy.
One major difference between professionals and low handicap players and amateur players is the ability to have good players to control the distance when doing a full stroke with no wedge.
Many players feel confident to go to a full stroke with 70 meters to the sand, but feel completely as you exit if the distance to travel is 40, 50 or 60 meters.
To get more control in these delicate strokes "in touch", we should not change how hard you make the swing to vary the distance. Instead we must maintain our speed and our normal swing tempo, and just vary the length of the swing. For example, with the sand wedge, we swing our hands with a knee to knee in a coup 15 meters, from hip to hip for a coup 30 meters, chest to chest for a stroke of 50 meters and a shoulder shoulder for the blow of 70 meters. Each player has his own distances to these shocks.
To refine your technique in beating them "touch" and to learn how to execute each of them we offer this year. Come to the field of practice and do a full stroke with a sand wedge pointing to target. Now, we hit shoulder to shoulder toward the same goal, looking at how much less the ball flies. Then do the same chest to chest. And we do down to the knee to knee hit. If we repeat several times this year and several days to observe accurately acquire, control and confidence in their strokes that affect our cards.

The chip shot or hit, we do whenever we are near the green, but we can not kick the ball because we do strange, so we must try to give the ball a hop, tap the green as soon as possible and the rest of the way to do rolling.
So take three points of reference when placing. First of all is that our side of the pole, as in all strokes, should be pointing toward the target. The second point is to place the ball close to the inside of the right foot. The feet are more together than usual.
The third important point, perhaps the most important of all, is that our weight and our body, and hands are to the left foot. Our weight will be located in a 75% or 80% in the left foot and all our body, head and hands are in front of the ball, always ahead of the ball.
This position must be maintained until the end, so that the hands, on impact, stay ahead of the ball in front of the head of the stick.

We can start our routine before lining up to kick the ball with the logo of the goal line.

In practice putts as we get behind the ball, it's best not to point to the hole because then we would have a tendency to point toward the right when we put the ball.

When playing a hole, it should take into account many factors. Most players only consider a " 'is a par 3? If not, then use the driver." This theory of decision not only helps you reach the next level. The process begins right at the tee and lasts throughout the development of the pit. Questions to consider when playing a hole are:
- What is its length
- I need to use the driver
- There are certain conditions that prevent
- I have the chance to drive the ball to stop on the street
- How do I stick aproach
In any case, we must try to leave the pit with the stick we have more confidence. This, in most cases will not be the driver. There will be some holes where they have no other choice due to its length, but does not assume that they have to leave driver. If you look at television, emerging from the professional tees with iron in most of the holes. So you send the ball to more precise landing areas, creating the situation for the coup aproach they wanted.
The art of playing this game is not based on the maximum distance that is able to achieve is how to hit the ball and you make the decision before making a stroke.

What you think is one of the biggest mistakes committed by players from around the world?.
The answer is to use less of the stick they need.
What do I mean?.
I mean take a 9 iron instead of an 8 iron. I mean to use a 5 iron instead of a 3 iron or 7 wood, and so on.
Do not use enough club to carry out a coup in the field it makes people get into more problems than you can imagine. Why the water obstacles are placed in front of the greens?. Why the bunkers are placed in front of the greens?.
To catch all those who do not get enough stick!.
Unfortunately most of us try to impress our friends and colleagues of departure and try to emulate the professionals and trying to make hits that we are not able to do. Big mistake ...
The result is one, two or more blows to our card, balls to the bunker, and so on. etc. ...
This happens because we allow the emotions and pride take control instead of common sense. We love to be admired, to make big hits. Envy anyone being able to hit a 9 iron to 130 meters or more. The need to feel special and better than our party, or similarly, the internal desire to compare Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam, seriously affects our ability emotional.
This happens to most of the players you might imagine. After all, the goal of golf is to make the fewest possible strokes, not the greatest.
What is the solution to all this nonsense?.
How can I convince you to use a 7 or 8 iron for a stroke of 110 meters instead of a 9 iron?.
*** What 95% of amateur golfers have to get into his head to never forget is: "Take a stick more than you're thinking about using a beam and swing slower (like 75% of your swing speed maximum).
Once you start using this logic will improve your results quickly.

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