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The longer people live, are seeking ways to enjoy playing golf. Considerations of golf fitness is a critical point that can be quite pronounced. Not only your body requires extensive range of motion with a golf swing, it must use the muscles in the lower body to swing higher as well. However, one of the most effective ways you can extend the life and longevity of your game is also one of the simplest.

The sports medicine physicians usually recommend that golfers make 10 to 15 minutes of exercise warm before the game. A routine of warming to be in good physical shape, these exercises might include extensions of the body through the shoulders and trunk rotations, knee to chest to the back and spine, and stretch the ligaments of the legs. Wrist joints are highly active in the game of golf, although not so much warming as other parts of the body, it is best to do some exercise before playing. One could grab and squeeze a soft rubber ball, then drop slowly tighten, while moving the wrist up and down. After heating, move and prepare for sport-specific playing a slower version of your turn. Start slowly with the nine, a range and a gradually changing rate of increase. Another good way to increase flexibility and prepare your body for golf, give a short but energetic walk. This will increase the flow of blood in your muscles and your temperature will increase leading to make the muscles are more elastic.

Equipped with a solid knowledge of some basic exercises for physical fitness for golf will help prolong the time you can play, I hope you will use this newfound knowledge and enjoy the game for many years.

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