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Consider a set of tips that may apply to all levels.

If it rains .- The main thing is to feel comfortable with a dress made of water that we do not move mojemos and not cold and that allows us to move freely, which in the case of the swing is essential.

The rest of the team will be: umbrellas, hats, shoes and towel to dry and secarnos handles. If anything, it will be good to wear gloves to spare (and better if they are not that old) and save the glove game between stroke and stroke. And the bag is a good and a hood covering bags.

If there is lightning storm .- We have to move away from the sticks. It is better to leave them in the field and return to collect them later.

Of course, our umbrellas will not be a good companion with a thunderstorm. We must never shelter under an isolated tree.

We must not lie on the floor. However, it is good lie in a bunker to be below ground level.

Nor should run or walk through areas such as streets cleared.

What should we do if we can not reach a building or a car is a leafy refuge in trees or crouch with hands supporting the knees.

Preparing for a tournament .- The day before we think about how we want to play each hole. Above all we must be positive.

The day of the competition for breakfast can not be a simple coffee drinking. Also, caffeine will not help us all to remain calm. It is good to take cereal and fruit.

For the tour almost certainly at some time we've seen on TV any professional player eating an apple in half a lap. It is a good option to help restore power in the field.

Before you leave is more important to have warmed up and have to practice stretching. Once prepared, we can have enough time to practice using mostly sticks we've seen in preparing the day before that we need in return.

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