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If Greg Norman believes that the basics are important enough to spend whole days of training trying to relocate the position of your thumb an inch, then the amateur player must be satisfied that the reference to the basics will improve your way hitting the ball, their consistency and their level of enjoyment of the game.

Is a good sign of a good swing. When we move the stick to make a move athletic, so it is vital that we are in an athletic position, ready to turn the stick with the best of our availability.
Coloquémonos standing with your feet apart the width of our shoulders. We just doubled the hip, keeping your back straight and let your ass protrude slightly. Let your arms hang, like a gorilla. Do not let your chin touch your chest. Look at the ball as long as possible. Allow your right hand (left for lefties) is below the left. Keep your weight balanced between both legs and slightly toward the front of both feet.
Now bend your knees slightly. This is important. Make sure that when you bend your knees with your ass off still. Avoid a seated position making it difficult to change their weight correctly. A correct position is most effective for an effective swing. Practice position in front of a mirror and memorícela.

The stick should fuck with more fingers than the palm of your hand.
Holding the stick with the palm may have a sense of greater security, but what really is causing more tension and reduce the mobility of the wrist.

The purpose of this exercise is to help to maintain the angle of the back and chest to avoid rotating too early.
We put the driver in front of the right foot and subjected it by putting his left hand on top of the rod.
By moving the right hand with the palm facing the ground below the left arm swing feeling right.

In the downswing, while the left side of the body moves, the right to offer resistance.
In the address to take a towel ends. The arms should hang freely and without tension in the normal stance. We make the backswing and we were standing on the top. At this point trying to pull up with the right hand and at the same time down the left, holding strong in the towel.
The feeling that we feel at this time is over, the left side while pulling the right to resist any movement.

Put tension in your swing can result in lost distance and accuracy. Applying certain fundamentals correctly, avoiding tension. And some characteristics of the swing can find cause family tension.
For example, keep your left arm rigid. What purpose can there be in this other than creating a good pose in the stance?. None, only serves to create tension. There are no reasons or comfort or any other to put a stiff arm.
Essentially decrease the level of tension with a good grip. A tension-free grip is achieved by doing the following: taking the grip with the fingers of both hands. With the lowest hand grip to start the center of the fingers, avoiding the palm. Also, put the thumb of the hand up out of the center of the rod on the far side of the lens, and the thumb of your other hand by putting the same but the area closest to the target. Fat fingers have many nerves at the tip. If we put them directly in the center of the rod, activate those nerves. Loa arms are stiff and will create tension.
Basically what you're trying to achieve is a soft grip. During the swing prevents any movement that causes stress.

To know what is in the backswing, take a stick and put it in the chest. Now turn to the right (left if you are left handed) until the stick is parallel to his right foot. That is what you feel with a proper weight shift.

In the backswing must shift our weight to the right side without moving the body. To know how much we will have to practice our shoulders and rotate our hips (and move our weight), but the body is moving out of the right foot. This is the important part that we must practice, and a swing that will provide us with a full rotation without losing our center of balance.

If you have trouble squaring the face of the club you can try the following exercise:
Pointing with the index finger of the glove hand that does not just glued down to the bar of the club. Point your finger back in the backswing and forward the follow-through, keeping the index finger glued to the bar of the club.
This training helps the hands to be square at impact.

When we hit the ball very hard, the normal trend is to move your arms very quickly.
There are people who naturally have a fast swing.
When you get to play very well and have plenty of control, a quick swing can be good, but this does not happen in the period of initiation.
A quick swing causes the change of direction of backswing to downswing is too violent. This change causes the violent stick leaving the plane in the downswing. This means that from the top of our swing we are launching a slice.
Besides release very soon so that the wrists lose strength.
What about what to do. Well, do not swing out of the one we seek strength from above. We should start the downswing, and then gently accelerate gradually.

The two main factors to achieve maximum distance are:

* Hitting the ball with the sweet stick
* And do it at full speed.

If you try to reach top speed in the head of the stick only with his arms moving as quickly as possible, it will be very difficult to hit the ball with the sweet. The correct way to get faster is to widen the arc of rotation, which is accomplished by a full rotation of the shoulders (90 degrees).

Many players tend to stop in the follow-through rather than continue moving through the ball, leaving the weight on his right foot. Others are so anxious to see where the ball flies that forget to finish your swing.
This limits the amount of force that can be generated in the swing and makes it difficult to monitor the management.
Also, stop the swing causes many tensions in the back and may end up causing an injury.
You must complete the entire swing so that when we finish with the belt buckle, chest and eyes facing the target. There will be little or no weight on the right foot.

Keep your hands AHEAD OF THE BALL
This is a basic board that all beginners should remember. It is also good to remember that the more advanced players to have a good feeling in your swing.
Always have to keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Why?. Because so make sure you hit the ball while the club takes a downward movement. In all the shots, except when we play drive from the tee, the key to a successful flight of the ball is hitting the ball down. Whether it is a stroke of 170 meters, as if a 70 or aproach a chip shot from 8 meters, hitting the ball down we will make better contact and that our game in general is better.

Unless you think you can green in two strokes not make sense to use the driver.
If we have a hole of 450 meters, it is easier and more logical to play a 3 wood from the tee, followed by a 6 iron on the streets and end with a 9 iron to green, instead of leaving driver, then hitting a 3 wood on the street and still remain half hit the wedge.
The same applies to the four pairs. Think how far the flag if you stay you get a good hit with the drive and perhaps for you to use another stick to make you an easier second shot.

When you miss the kick hit the hole pasándote not lifting his head to whine about your bad luck.
If instead he's looking at what makes you run the ball after the hole you will see the downfall of your putt back.

Exercise to improve on this simple half-meter putt that many golfers tend to fail.
The main cause of these failures in short putts is a lack of concentration on the ball. Because the majority of golfers want to see how the ball falls into the hole, they forget to follow through on his shot.
To avoid this problem, a coin embedded in the green to about 50 cm from the hole. Put the ball over the coin and get ready to kick as you would normally. Instead of seeing how the ball goes to the pit, sets sight on the currency all the time putt. Keep your eyes on the currency during the follow through. If you exercise well, you should hear the sound every time the ball dropped into the hole.

TRUCO: putts with one hand
This is an exercise you can practice even in the winter quarter to be in your home. Its purpose is to avoid double wrists during the put and get a good follow-through with the putter face pointing at the target. We are preparing for a putt of 50 inches. Just take the putter with the right hand with palm facing the target. Pateamos while holding the position of the wrists on the follow-through, and we maintain this position for three seconds. We repeat the exercise several times each session.
If instead he's looking at what makes you run the ball after the hole you will see the downfall of your putt back.

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