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Perhaps it is true. I confess that I do not have the answers to these questions.
Beginners, both men and women need to know that golf is not as elitist and exclusive as it used to be. More and more women and men are starting to play golf and do not have to be outside the "top drawer 'to do so.
Without doubt, there are golf courses that only accepts members who have high positions and make prices prohibitive. Some golf clubs can admit only men as members and players.
Not subscribe to this form of sex discrimination and believe that men and women should receive equal treatment in all forms of life, and in particular the right to play golf in any place where men play.
Who wants to play golf clubs, where these attitudes prevail anyway? Certainly not me.
But there are many golf courses around and also some of them might be elitist and discriminatory, not many. A little research on golf courses in your area, probably showing that women are as welcome as men.
The information available to women on how to start playing golf, and a path for learning the game is probably more accessible to men.
My advice to women who want to start playing golf is:
Talking to people
Talk with friends and and talk to any people the people on your concerns. Be clear about what you want to know. For example, what golf equipment you need? How much? What clubs are there?
As background to this debate you may want to talk about why you want to play golf and what interests you about the game. Discuss their concerns and fears about starting.
You may find that you get a great deal of information assurance and talk about golf to overcome the problem of taking the first step.
Everyone has to start sometime, and most of them are willing to share his wisdom with you.
Learning to play the 'green tea'
It is often said the best way to learn to play golf is "green tea." You have heard this expression. Basically this means you must begin to learn to putt, followed by chipping of launch, and finally y por aprender a conducir fuera del tee.
It is good advice. You will not see a beginner with a clear putter in his hand. If you start swishing around a driver, you will.
Get a bag of balls and your putter has a practice green and learn how to putt. Spend an hour 2 days a week practicing long and short putts from all over the green - up and down.
This is the best way to start learning to hit golf balls.
Learning with a friend
Ask around among friends and colleagues and see if anyone wants to learn with you. You feel more secure about learning with someone else.
Playing with someone else means that you can add some of their colleagues in practice you learn to putt.
Be a dozen balls each about the green and award points to i) get closer to the hole and ii) the sinking putts. This will add enjoyment to your practice.
Learning to hit the ball
Do you play any other sport - tennis, baseball, swimming, soccer? You know you had to learn how to punch, kick, catch the ball or pot. You can not start to play golf 200 yards straight beating sweet removed the tee. Even Tiger Woods had to learn to hit the ball. You too.
After much practice, get a 9 or sand wedge iron and practice hitting short shots around the green flag. 12 balls in different places from 5 to 15 feet of green and learn to control the shots on the green.
Boots the golf team
Do not buy a set of golf clubs. See if you can borrow a putter, 9 iron pitching wedge (wedge or sand) from a friend. If you do not buy golf clubs cheap low cost sporting goods store. You can get these second hand, usually a golf club, or buy some "refurbished" balls, or borrow from your friends.
Golf Instruction
And finally, if you are serious about learning the game, watch golf on television. You will have a shot to play by seeing the advantages in the game. Pay special attention to the start of shooting short shots around the green to start. This is the best form of golf instruction for you at this time.
Therefore, there should be more difficult for women to start playing golf for men, if taking the right approach. If you want to learn the game can and should do so. It's probably one of the best decisions you can take.
You get the confidence to learn new skills, enjoy the fresh air and exercise some wonderful golf courses, socialize with friends, family and colleagues on the golf course - maybe even do business on the golf course and be part of the global community of golf.

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