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Some years ago, golf was primarily a game for adults. The nios ningn tenan no place in the golf course, except to attend the flag or make caddies.

The situacin today is very different. Parents begin to point their children in classes when they are between 3 and 4 years of age, although the ideal age is 6 years; as below them have limited attention and muscle development.
We can find games for junior clubs from three years.

The main thing is not to force the children away to enter the game. It's much better to start dicindoles who come with their parents to the field of practice. The nios are great imitators, and what they like to imitate adults. As practice swing in front of them, immediately begin to create a mental picture of it.

We must have the view of a teacher to enter them in the game and cmo to tell us we must practice with them.

But always the main concept is to create a pleasant environment when giving balls. We must make it easy, without exercising any tcnico detail. It should be fun. Prstales all your atenciny applauds their achievements. And if you want to do some rarities like hitting two balls at once or similar djalo yreles grace.

If you see nio is ready to understand simple things like take the stick cmo, cmo set foot, etc ..., explcaselas. Do not try to go into detail technicians, and entrate the appropriate time to join a workshop.

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