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As Ben Hogan said, golf is a 100% physical and 100% mental, so the confidence level have a decisive bearing on the final outcome of the coup.

A great players like to play under pressure, their performance does not diminish but quite the opposite is improving. But the rest of us play better when a game between friends and there is nothing at stake, we must not give the card to the end of the trail, there is fear of failure, you need not count the bad result, and so on. That's when the coordination of movement is better and the clubhead matches the ball more accurately.

My first words are a new pupil: golf is the control of the ball, so I do not know whether or not control it if not previously selected a target where to send it.

So once known and this practice should be done in the same way that we play later. At the same moment which puts the ball in the tee of the first hole there is need to take to the streets, not the rough or trees, so it is very important to choose a point as small as possible target and focus all attention on him. You must follow every step of the routine placement: stick point to target the correct grip, body positioned so that the movement is relevant to that point and, having done so, we must let the movement flow and should never I do not think where to send, since the latter could lead to negative thinking that the ball ends at that place unwanted.

Remember, it's simple: choose the point, I look for reference, I stand in relation to it, I feel the weight of the stick and move it thinking about that goal, everything else in the mind take me away from him.

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