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Many factors can determine our excellence in the game, and many of them can make the difference between an evening of smiles and a not so happy.

Some golf experts argue that the difference between a good player and one not so good, lies in the ability to handle the draw, ie to hit the ball and give it the necessary effect making a path from right to left.

But although the words in these lines may seem rather simple, it is certain that more than one has failed in its attempts and quality have never achieved due to this type of stroke.

While we understand that nothing is completely perfect in this life, the truth is that constant practice and some tips from the professionals can take us much closer to our idols as Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods.

It is important to take the grip firmly, so that the letter "V" formed his thumb and forefinger, they were directed as much as possible to the right. Also, keep a more closed, shoulders, hips and feet pointing slightly towards the right side of our goal.

In the moment of impact, we must keep something closed clubface. Also, remember to rotate your forearms together with the whole body at the end to beat, so that the golf club head with the tip ends up.

Once again we stress that the skill and technique of the game must be accompanied by constant practice sessions to reinforce our movements to be gaining and go better a characteristic setting.

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