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One of the most complicated situations during a game of golf is when our ball is unfortunate to fall in the grass. Even more so when it is grown and in some cases until thick.

In many instances, fall into this area means losing a coup and perhaps we should prepare to complete the hole by a stroke over par assigned.

However, there are ways that we can deal with this situation and get rid of the inconvenience arising well, and we must begin by analyzing the type of grass and determine the type of wood used.

Understand that better penetrate the wood in the grass irons. Also with them will give a better ball movement under these circumstances.

When we are to realize the blow us out of the grass, remember to apply a more vertical swing not take much grass and see what the clubface is open and get the ball lift.

To cope with the resistance of the grass, put the right foot near the ball and keep your left hand firmly and forearms, while broken wrists should remain on the backswing.

We must also remember that in golf you have to be objective and to determine when a situation becomes an "almost impossible" and know how to take more consistent action in every situation. Keep in mind that it will often be better to sacrifice one stroke back to the streets to take the next shot more clear, that hung up on leaving a complicated hurdle and increase the number of strokes in the attempt.

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