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Each has its booklet Maestrillo and what for some is easy with a stick, for others it is twice as easy with a different number. They influence many aspects from how to play each one, its more or less glued to the implementation of scrimmage and a host of other features, but what does seem clear is that more people stick to a golfer's the putter, but too often perceived as an enemy more than he wants to do. This is because choosing a putter depends on an interpretation is as special as the feeling you face when striking the ball.

To efficiently execute a putt must have quality and subtlety, and requires a great deal of ability to concentrate.

When testing the various types of putter to see which one best fits our game must take into account aspects such as the length and weight are comfortable for handling or grip fits well on hands.

Hitting the ball, the ball has left the clubface to be more consistent roll. Precisely in terms of how it seeks to face you can find the traditional blade putter, the weight and the deck perimeter.

With respect to the position of the rod on the head there are heel putts and center of the face. Moving the stick back and forth whenever the line of putt would be more appropriate to stick with the stick centered. Models with the rod in the heel are more in line who do a rotation on his shots, which is technically called from inside, the coup and inside.

He is known as putting the broom. This is the stick that has a longer shaft so that the player holds it with one hand against his chest while the other carried out the coup. It is used by players who are not comfortable with any of the aforementioned traditional putters.

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