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There are many factors that affect ball behavior and changes can be made affecting the deck, into the alveoli and the NCLE.

The most common factor that we look when we select a ball is the number of layers. We can find balls of one, two, three or multilayer. The one piece of slo currently used in practical fields. The two pieces are the most used by players by fans for his duraciny reaching distance. They are hard and produce little spin. The three-piece look to provide the greatest player sensaciny spin. They are less resistant to cuts. In the attempt to combine multilayer duration, the distance sensaciny.

Weight: the weight of the ball must not exceed 45.9 grams. However, it is allowed any weight lower. The reason is that a heavier ball can reach farther. In addition, lighter balls rise more when the swing is slow. You can find the balls that are illegal market for exceeding the weight and super-light ball, but that s is legal for anyone with a slow swing.
The size: a ball can not have a smaller dick size of 6.55 cm. A smaller ball flies farther by offering less resistance. Extra large balls are legal and diseadas to reduce the hook and slice.

Cover: the materials that are manufactured decks are mainly Balata balls, Surlyn, Zylin and Elastomer.

The surlyn: it is the most popular composite cover balls because of their greater duration. Surlyn is the trade name of a group of thermoplastic resins Corporacin developed by Dupont. Currently get softer Surlyn versions.

The lining: it is a rubber top surface of the ficus. It has a special touch and elasticity. Currently used sinttica balata. The balata covered balls are used by players seeking a higher return for lower sensacine duration of the ball and a higher risk of cutting it with a bad blow struck.

Finish: paint ball with Surlyn blends in the manufacturing process. Despus there are two clear coats of polyurethane. The final finish is given by a Optical brightener.
Ball two pieces, was traditionally regarded as a ball to get away. The current technology has made it even softer designs are used by professionals.

Ball of three pieces: traditionally worn by players who were willing to sacrifice a few meters to win the touch and effect. The new designs have eliminated this exchange.

Multilayer balls: each layer is a type of misin improve coup.
A NCLE to get away with the driver for the intermediate layers with iron shots and wraps for maximum sensacine and spin.


"The wind has less effect for the ball which the wind. If aadimos two sticks to beat against the wind, slo we lower one to play into the wind itself.
"The headwind exaggerates the hooks and slices.
A wind that blows under doubles its speed at 30 meters above the ground, so a low ball will affect you less.

The compression: slo low handicap player will be able to tell the difference between a ball 90 or 100 compression.
The low handicap player and professionals know that the harder you hit the ball further compressed and distorted by the impact. As, the hitters need higher compression balls. The rest of the players (middle and high) need not worry about the compression qu, but forced to choose better compression usually a ball 90.
Also it should be borne in mind that compression only important in three-piece balls, just because the two deformacin suffer, even when struck with the driver.

Standards of utilization of the ball:

-Keep it clean. As flies further and roll the greens better. Are there limpiabolas magnficos the next to the tees.
"Do not suck to clean, because we can swallow or power generation, chemical fertilizers of common use in the fields
"Keep it hot: Take further.

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