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The majority of people that start in golf, as in any other activity, do so because a friend or acquaintance introduced them in the game.
If ste is not the case, try to locate the friend. You will like it. And if you do not know anyone, do not worry. Golf is a sport that is designed so that people at very different levels of play to compete among themselves in equal terms. Also is a sport in which only one can come to a camp and join another party of up to three players (because the parties are up to four players), which encourages talking during the game that is known to other people and establish new friendships.

In either case, the first thing is to go to a tennis practice. No need introducer. A tennis practice is an installation that might be, or not, within a golf course, which is a series of posts, which usually have a special carpet grass sinttica, where we will hit balls that we rent. That means when you hit the ball with, say, a wood not have to take your stuff and go 200 meters on the market for your ball dnde have to give your Próximo coup. No, we will be quiet in our carpet after another throwing balls forward our basket. If we raise our head what we will see a meadow full of golf balls.

In this meadow are usually put some banners that we mark the 50, 100, 150 and 200 meters for us to get used to the distances we reached with each suit.

Also there are golf stores have the tennis in his basement or outdoor installations in which the absence of 250 meters from ground strikes networks, as in the tennis shop. The idea is that once we make the practice nets to stop the ball against the walls not or do not leave the practice area. The sensacine is different to that in an open field is outdoors. There are people who do not mind or even prefer them because as more focused on the movement of the swing regardless of the flight of the ball and other people they dislike. In any case always an option to go to a class at one time.

At first, if we go with someone you know can give us some slight indications, but it is essential that we correctly entered a professor in the art of swing.

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