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It is not necessary to take steps backward to take steps forward, "or what is the same, you do not get worse for the better. Translated into the language of golf, this means that there is to go through a phase where we play badly for achieve improved swing.

A few days ago a student persuaded by his brother came to take a class without much conviction, I was afraid of losing his swing with the changes that might occur in that class and spend some time giving the ball worse. That was the reason that prompted me to write this column. To calm the players and ensure that there is no worse for the better.

The ball only responds to the clubhead at impact. All because we would have to improve this impact is not whether the left arm is stretched, if the hips have rotated 45 degrees, if I transferred 60% of the weight up, if I bent wrists 90 degrees, if the tips of feet are 20 º or 30 º from the vertical, what time I have to straighten the wrists in the fall or if I have to keep your head down until the ball has been dropped. All those details that really change the natural swing of every player, could lead to forced to make a move that not only does not improve the impact, but may even worsen.

If a ball does not go straight, it can only go left or right and with or without effect, so the fix should be simple and specific and focused only change that diverted from the goal line, respecting the swing of each . Thus, in this way, never pass a slump by taking a class with the commendable spirit of improvement.

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