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I started playing 10 years in Almerimar. My first teacher was my brother, who was professional in that field and when I was handed, I put a 7-iron from skillful hands. At that time, no teacher was contemplating that men were playing left-handed.

Full of hope practiced for hours until I became 18 years with training. Still being a scratch player, I saw that my game was missing a point of accuracy. Especially in short shots and putting. On one occasion I went with a group of children to a clinic with a teacher of high standing and he saw me hit the ball I said, 'You play well, but would play better if you did your natural side. This caused me great embarrassment because my career was playing right-handed.

From that moment I tried to change and started to practice left-handed. One month I made a pair of field-nine holes I had to abandon that practice because my professional needs with my students would not let me. Currently practical because even though my game left handed over right-handed is more regular, I have more precision in the short and the putt left-handed.

Today nobody would think to teach a left-handed child to write with their right hand or to play tennis with the opposite hand. In golf, as there are a variety of clubs for left-handed so there is no reason for a lefty to play golf right-handed. My advice to all left-handers, if they want to take full performance, is to play his natural side.

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