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Have you ever considered what they are doing really hands and forearms at the time of impact? If not, please give this a try because it is one of most important parts of the oscillation. Simple Golf Swing explains this move, and others in much more detail.

Try to get in the position of impact, as you are about to make solid contact with the ball. Now flip your trailing wrist like you missed trolley. This is referred to as broken wrist and is not a movement you want to do in golf. So if you are trying to "flip" your hands through the ball at impact, this tip can help you understand the correct way to make this happen.

If you put a clock you can display the right moves to make. For his main arm approaches impact the watch face should get close to pinpoint exactly down the target line, or the flag. Now turn the clock face just so noted in the land. With a club in your hands, you will see that this move makes your wrist and forearm that moves "flip" over your wrist and forearm principal.

You also see that this will help "close" to the pleasant face of his club, that both reduce your slice and add distance. This is the right move to end impact.

It is important to note that your forearms should work together well. Try to keep your forearms as close to each other as possible with the impact zone. If you can master this movement you will find that the increasing distance and he will also do wonders for your slice.

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