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Butch Harmon, considered one of the best golf teachers in the world, and former coach of Tiger Woods gives advice to correctly grasp the stick and machining the correct grip.

"Many amateurs, especially new players, they put much effort in learning the correct grip, but while preparing to hit the ball throw all your hard work. It is very common to amateur players begin the process by putting the club face directly in front of them. This is a mistake, because then you have to consciously rotate the left forearm and wrist to place the left hand properly. This not only adds an unnecessary step in the process, but makes it hard to grip the stick in the same way every time.

Always set the left-hand grip with the pole placed next to your thigh and your left arm hanging naturally from the shoulder. You see now how my left hand is turned slightly inward? That's how it is naturally. All you have to do is close your left hand on the stick. And to the right hand, simply left j├║ntala when you move the stick in front of the body to prepare to hit the ball.

Beginning the process of holding the club in this way is easier to hold along the base of the toes. Automatically establishing a grip "neutral" with his left hand, without rotation to the right or left. Make this procedure a habit and you will not think about your grip another minute.

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