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Let's see how to react to different situations that we find on the golf course.


* In the stance, the left shoulder is a little taller than the right.
* By having the right shoulder lower than left, right arm is positioned closer to the body.
* Keep your arms relaxed.
* Butts in place with wood tee body weight a little more on the right leg to help the club is moving upward to reach the ball.
* Bring the stick back, low and slowly trying to keep the triangle intact.
* Forced to maintain the head of the stick close to the soil to a greater extent of the backswing.
* Feeling short climb.
* The right elbow down to the stick side.
* Work the right shoulder. The works below his right shoulder in launching the ball into the style as a bowling spearhead.
* To get more distance, keeping the wrist angle, we should not think about the launch of the club head against the ball but pull the handle down during the tour.

BALL highest FEET

* Take the lowest suit.
* Bola delayed.

BALL lowest FEET

The issue is balance.
* Separate more feet.
* Advance the ball a little.
* We take the stick as long as possible.
* The swing is more vertical.


* Pushing the weight to the left.
* Behind the ball.
* The ball levará a lower trajectory so that we can use a number less than stick.


* Pushing the weight to the right
* The ball will come out high and we must use a number more than suit.

We want to stop the ball when it reaches the green

* The ball must be at the height of the heel of left foot.
* Hands should be in line with the head of the stick.
* The weight is balanced.
* The open stance is 15 º.
* You must used a sand wedge or slightly better open a lob wedge.
* There must be a long swing (with a twist of shoulders) without tension in the arms.


* The ball must be centered.
* Hands slightly ahead.
* The weight tilts to the left. Other sources indicate that taking a position with the body back.
* The stance is slightly open.
* You can vary the length of the swing until 9, 10 and 11 o'clock in order to achieve different lengths.
* The right hand leads the coup.
* The right wrist should rotate freely.
* The arms and body rotate together, but has little body movement.
* The head is kept low.
* The club scours the ground after giving the ball.

CHIPS shot

* The ball is placed in front of the right foot.
* The feet are slightly open and fairly together.
* We must put the ball as close as we can.
* The burden is passed to the left side.
* The head is on the left leg.
* The stick is caught a little lower than normal.
* Can be used from a 6 iron to sand wedge.
* The hands are advanced to the ball in front of the left thigh.
* The right hand leads the coup.
* Should be used as little as possible wrists.
* Make several practice swing.
* The (lowest point of the swing) must be a few centimeters in front of the ball. With this stroke the ball is descending.
* There is little movement of the shoulders.
* There is little action dolls.
* The ball must fly low to the ground.


* The ball must be positioned at the height of the left heel.
* The feet should be open approximately 30 degrees without ever 45 º.
* The back of the left hand should remain the same angle as the face of the club.
* The legs should be bent and remain strong during the coup.
* The wrist should be firm without break.
* The left hand plays a dominant role.
* The face of the club pointing slightly to the right of the goal. If we close the face of the club (we point to the flag) will run the ball more.
* It should be noted that the more depressed is run the ball more.


See line, speed and direction of the grass.
* Make a tunnel with your hands helps to focus.
* The putter should take the lowest point of the grip.
* The elbows should be bent.
* The putter is wielder support on the palm of his left hand by acting as if the rod was an extension of the arm.
* The end of the stick out a little on the left wrist. Among the little finger and the stick is a hole.
* The back of the left hand should be parallel to the face of the club.
* The ball must be a few centimeters to the left of the center of the trunk.
* The eyes are just above the ball.
* The feet are slightly apart.
* The face of the club should rise a little to attack the ball well.
* The movement must be done block by moving both shoulders at once in a compact and continuous movement.
* The back of the left hand is guiding the putter toward the impact.
* Move forward face of the pole with a smooth acceleration and control.
* All putts are straight.
* When reading a putt, to see where the ball would go if the command center, right and left of the hole of the pit.


* Aligned slightly left as the wind pushed the ball forward.
* The weight of the body should be a little more on the heels.
* This is a smoother swing.
* It is not advisable to place the tee the ball high and far left foot.


* Do not hit the ball hard to the ball gets into the air with less boomerang effect.
* It is preferable to a short swing.
* It is advisable to use a stick two more units.
* To hold in the ground you should use a more open stance.

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