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Drink?. No, it is not that you take a pack of six (or more) cans of your favorite beer at the golf course. And no, it is not taken before the departure time in the clubhouse.

This is to calm the thirst with a cold liquid that can enhance your game. What liquid is what?. Water.

Our body is approximately 60% of liquid. So what we drink is as important as what we eat, especially when we go to exercise. Water plays an important role during the cooling period, "stored energy in muscles, lubricating, transporting nutrients, ...

In fact, if the muscles become dehydrated in as little as 2%, will experience a very significant loss of energy, speed and stick your head away. Not to mention a loss of concentration, coordination and energy. Many experts believe the main reason for fatigue on the golf course, has much more to do with dehydration than with the lack of food.

But the fluid lost in the development of a round of golf does not have to come from drinking water only. You can also come from teas, sports drinks and fruit juices. (But beware with sports drinks if you're trying to lose weight. And Avoid it after exercise.).

Any benida containing caffeine or alcohol will increase the loss of body fluids.

The solution?.

Drink before you start a round of golf and every 2 to 3 holes.

Remember that if you wait to be thirsty you're already slightly dehydrated. Get used to drinking so continuously throughout the day and you are better than ever.

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