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The wind is the only hazard invisible, unpredictable and less taken into account that there is in golf.

Most players when they face such obstacles, they choose one or two sticks, when they should choose three or four points to 10 yards and when they should aim for 20 or 30, ignoring what the cross wind can do with a slice .

In a turn with wind is essential to use strategies in handling the ball and know, otherwise we must resign ourselves to make more shots. Do not fight the wind with his swing, is mindful of its limitations, use the strategy. Check that the face of the club is in the correct position, neither open nor closed. Do not rush, make a smooth swing and pace, opening the stance a bit for him to maintain better balance. Calculate more than I assumed. Be reasonable with your expectations. Check where it blows before taking the stance. Do not get angry with the wind, make a friend.

For wind

Wind for the ball tends to stay in the air longer, so it is sometimes advisable to leave the driver and 3 wood use, especially with heavy ground.

With this kind of wind it is advisable to stick stronger if stronger, because in doing so the ball takes up more and more likely Backspin and removes a hook or slice. In the approach, means taking less stick, more lift and stop faster on the green.

Against wind

Against the wind try to keep the ball low. Take the stance as if I had to hit downhill, ie, play the ball toward the right leg, choose to stick with the cree reaching the green and add one more, get a little up the left shoulder and right, load a little more weight on his left leg, do a high finish and follow the old advice: "soft swing against the wind."

Cross wind

This type of wind is deadly to high handicap players with problems of slice or hook, and that any of these shots are magnified by 100% in cross-winds of 30 km. per hour.

If one of these players play with the wind, pointing according to their tendency and force of the wind.

For players who hit right across the wind should not be a problem, when it hits strong and there is little wind action on the ball. With winds from right to bear more weight toward the tip of the feet and winds from left to right on their heels. In the draft approach, see the position of the flag and have it wrong on the side opposite to where the wind blows, especially if the flag is on the same side.

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