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Many of us are concerned about the grip should be adopted, but few as should place your hands on the stick. Whatever the overlap, interlock the fingers or 10, can be taken as long as you feel comfortable and hit well.

What is important, it is crucial as the club wielder, and requires much attention.

The most important element of a good grip is left, always talking about skilled players, because that is the guide to the face of the club through the swing.

Locate either the left hand allows us to hit the ball with the side stick framed, and the goal line with determination.

Many say that is to see a knuckle of his left hand at address, others two, some three.

Determine how you should do, which is important, it is very simple.

Stand comfortably and relaxed, let your arms hang naturally at your sides. Lowering his head and just trying not to move, look left.

Look how many knuckles of his left hand looks.

Beyond how many have ever seen or will it be when you see your grip. If you take the stance, watch the ball and then his hands, the knuckles if you see does not match the saw stopped, then setting the left hand until you can see the amount of knuckles that when he saw the test.

While the left hand leads the movement, the right of it only in the downswing to impact, where a natural break helps to produce the effect of whiplash on the ball, which is ultimately the power it produces. To exploit this potential, a good grip is essential.

It is recommended that the palm of his right hand is in front of and parallel to the left to start the swing, but to observe the flight of the ball, this trend comes with hook, right hand turn just closing it to the left, if In contrast with a tendency to slice leaves, turn it, just in the opposite direction.

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