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It is known that it is complex and difficult to machine and assemble the swing, but if there is anything that makes it even more difficult is to think and send the brain a lot of ideas while hitting at the time, this leads us to make many mistakes not forced confusion produced by so many thoughts crossed (stick your elbow, move your knee, breaking his wrist, not to move, turn, bend knees, lowering the heel, etc.. etc.)

It should take two or three simple concepts and easy-raising:

Choose one of these at the moment and concentrate only on hitting them.

* Concentrate on the shot that will make (forget who made the will before or after).
* Show good shots in practice.
* Good through the swing rhythm, visualize the rhythm of a waltz.
* Keep your head still.

* Lift with your left arm in maximum extent and strive to build slowly.
* Check the position of the ball towards the feet.
* Skip the arms follow through on the stick and curl up around the neck like a scarf.
* Complete follow through with the belt buckle pointing at the flag.

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