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It's good when you go to the Driving throw balls always have a routine, or have any "plan" work.

Use the Driving Range with a goal and see that you can improve your golf a little. Practice with a purpose.

If you are a beginner and want to improve your golf practice only 2 or 3 sticks in driving: 6, 8 and Pitching Wedge (PW). The purpose of their practices should be hitting the ball, look for a regular swing and a reliable form. Leave aside the long irons for a while, you can shoot 3 / 4 of the bucket with 3 sticks and then leave the rest to practice long shots you want (eg: Throwing a couple of shots with the driver). But I must stress that focusing on being more concise with short sticks to learn how to keep a beat, and be regular, this will allow you to go out and play the golf course. Spend 15 minutes then your putting on the putting green.

If you are a player of medium or low handicap, the objectives are going to the Driving and others can be very varied as well. You can use the Driving to warm up before a round, stick to a practice that can not paste into the stadium, taken to improve the stick, etc. Beyond that, it is good to find a routine for the driving range. " It is not good to throw balls to go alone, take your time to practice and improve.

There are players going and stick: Drive, 6 iron, pitch, and then drive, 5 wood, pitch, thus simulating a round game and will practice the sensations (Many in the tour, for mounting round in this way). These are good strategies to loose more, practice game situations, practice different shots that may be needed in the field of golf.

Personally, I like to "aim" of the short game, so before the turn, or when I go to practice driving to throw a flag in various ways, with one shot lower, with another top for example, so achievement soften. Practice distances, checking that I'm sticking with certain distance clubs, and finally practice long shots and Driver, but 70% of the short game is practice. The short game is what makes the difference.

In summary, the next time you go to the driving, not just pull DRIVES, concentrate more on analysis of their round-ball, short game and maintain a swing, I assure you that will give you more results in the golf course. And always try to make the combination DRIVING - PUTTING GREEN, do not forget to practice your putt in golf and is a great truth is that most of the game understands the short game. Think about it.

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