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It is a sport for all ages and for all, while the physical or mental health permit, to which indeed works this game. In every field you can see children aged 12 and over 80.

As in many sports (football, basketball, etc.). The game is to make a ball in a certain place. In our case, it's hit the fewest times since the exit point to the final hole. And so in 18 routes, designed to require three, four or five shots (par for the course) depending on the length ranges from just under 100 meters to almost 500. The handicap (stroke lead) compensates the player with the least level of more and lets all play together and with equal opportunities. In other sports this is not possible. The first call for power and distance shots, the last skill and dexterity. There's something for everyone, young and old.

To enjoy this game are necessary under certain conditions: a particular technique (which can be learned), a sufficient concentration in each of the strokes and a minimum of competitiveness. This is necessary, as in any sport, maintain the interest of each game, trying to outdo the others and win: a championship, a golf ball, a single beer or "point of honor 'staff. Failure to do so golf becomes a long walk on a pleasant environment surrounded by good friends. This may be enough and it is always for some, only occasionally for more and almost never for the young golfer whose goal is to approach, equal or lower the par for the course.

It is important that healthy competitive attitude, so useful for the mind as the body is exercise, which involves walking about seven and eight kilometers, carrying a bag of stick and a space four hours. And this requires concentration, we must "be in the game" and not in other cases, as with any sport, but in this case for many hours, usually about four. This provides a healthy mental recovery, to which I am deeply grateful indeed when every weekend or holiday I could do, aside concerns of any kind, for more than 30 years. Do not forget that if bodily health is important, even more so is the psychic.

The biggest lose physical qualities, concentration and competitiveness. Keep these three qualities as possible, fight without obsession, but with commitment and perseverance by this triple objective is inherent in any sport, but golf is only feasible until later, thus maintaining and possibly permanently attitude rejuvenating.

Being able to play some holes with a 12 year old son in his day or a grandchild now, it seems a miracle. Also, never known in the golf course which one is more child.

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