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One step we must take to get out to play golf is Federico.
Although initially it is somewhat strange (because it happens in most sports) is completely BELGIUM if we think that the tools used to play golf are a few clubs with metal heads and hard as balls stones, which is absolutely necessary that all players have a safe, because nothing ever happens though, the ball leaves our club with high speed and any dev can send to far away places to target.

When you see the practice court to give him the ball, you read the rules a few times, you look in our Section XV of regulation and introduce you to obtain the license.

We have to ask for federal review in Federacin, or better, and easier to see where we are going to practice if the Federacin all to examine.
While we are talking about a review we should not worry or get nervous. Reported by the examiner on da coment that I present is very dicult not approve. Just have ledo the Rules of Golf.

There is an exam that makes you question the CFI fetched in which you are looking for the bug, no, it comes to assessing different situations that we can find in the golf course so that when we happen not to remain unemployed thinking "Well, What do I do now?!". For example, qu do if the ball stops against a lawn sprinkler on a branch or dropped into the street.

Also wondered about the rules of courtesy. Qu do if you're playing and someone comes from behind faster than t? ..

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